Recognizing Signs of Water Main Replacement In Winter

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March 1, 2016

by David Balkan

Water Main Replacement Recognizing Signs In Winter

The recent, and record, heavy snowfall that New York City experienced illustrates why it is harder to recognize signs that your property requires a main water line replacement. Water main breaks frequently occur in Winter. Even moreso during freeze-thaw cycles. However, the vast amount of snow covering land over water mains can hide some of the most obvious signs. That makes it even more difficult to detect problems. Therefore, homeowners must become more vigilant when living in an area where the piping infrastructure is more than 50 or 60 years old.

Water Main Replacement Recognizing Signs In Winter

Signs of a main water line leak can vary in the Winter

A stream of water, the most common sign of a broken water main, can be hidden underneath large amounts of snow. The leak may appear many feet away when it finally makes its way out from under packed snowfall. The stream of water can also be confused with regular snowmelt. Yet another factor making it even a bigger challenge to identify. This is proven out by a direct correlation in a drop in calls for broken water mains during a snowfall, or a snowmelt. Only to be followed by water main replacement contractors getting inundated with calls after the weather clears up. Make sure you pay attention to the following signs that indicate a potential water main break.

Hissing Noises

Rumbling or hissing noises at the point where your water supply enters your house is a sign of a broken water main. The only time that you should hear water entering your home is when water is being used inside the building. Odd sounds that occur when water is not consumed are an indication that something is wrong. It is a good indication that water is leaving the main at some point before it ever reaches your home.

Loss of Water Pressure

This is another huge sign that something is wrong with your supply main. This is particularly true if the  drop in pressure is sudden and severe. At other times, a leak can develop slowly, leading to gradually decreasing water pressure. No matter what ultimately causes decreasing water pressure, have a professional investigate the situation. A professional plumber can confirm what has occurred, as several different problems can cause loss of water pressure.

Although water main replacement detection is more difficult during colder weather, don’t ignore the signs. Ignoring the signs of a possible main line leak will only continue to get worse. Contact Joseph L. Balkan, the NYC Sewer and Water Main Specialists, as soon as you suspect that you have a problem. Site visits are always free, available seven days a week, and without any obligation to hire.

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