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NYC Sewer Repair

Need Sewer Repair in New York City? We are there for you in an emergency if you suffer a failure of your sewer with 24/7/365 sewer repair from Balkan Sewer And Water Main.

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Sewer Repair Service in NYC

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Our friendly and knowledgeable Team Balkan staff are ready to dispatch one of our fully stocked “warehouse on wheels” service trucks. If it’s not on our truck, our 48,000 square foot facility contains whatever tools, materials and equipment we may require to fix your sewer.

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Our GPS fleet of repair vehicles and guaranteed appointment windows means we will be there to repair your sewer issue when we say.

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Balkan Sewer Repair has the expert staff and tools to get the job done from start to finish and we never contract out our work.

How Do You Know If You Need Your Sewer Repaired?

Technically sewer work is considered a repair when anything less than your entire house sewer line is replaced. Even if you replace 1/2 of your the run of pipe, it is still technically considered a sewer repair.

With that said, there are a number of reasons you may be considering digging up your underground house sewer.

Properly Diagnosing Your Sewer Line Issue

The first bit of good advice is to have a HD Sewer Camera Video inspection performed on your sewer line. A camera inspection will make 100% sure there is a structural defect in your pipe system and what and where the defect is.

You can start with a instant quote or schedule a sewer inspection.

5 Conditions That Require Sewer Repair

There are many reasons why a home or business may require sewer repair. These are some of the most common sewer problems we see.

  1. Root infiltration that cannot be cleared, or re-emerges often.
  2. Dislodged or broken sections of your sewer run.
  3. A grease stoppage that cannot be cleared, or reoccurs.
  4. Constant backups and flooding after heavy rains or snow melts.
  5. Your house sewer is improperly back-pitched.

Read our House Sewer Repair Tutorial article.

Repairing Different Types Of Pipe Materials And Sizes

When doing a sewer repair frequently different types of materials, and sizes of pipe, must be connected together. Unlike inside plumbing, underground plumbing has a limited list of approved fittings in NYC.

By and large clamps and reducing gaskets are not permitted by NYC plumbing code. Typically extra heavy cast iron reducers and increasers are used to transition to different sized and types of sewer pipe.

Expected Cost Of A NYC Sewer Repair

There are many variables in estimating the cost of a sewer repair in New York City. As a general rule, the cost of a repair is about 40-60% of the price of a full replacement.

Barring some unusual circumstances, that typically results into a price range of $6,000.00 to $15,000. The primary variables in cost are:

  • The location of the repair: Inside your home, inside the property boundary, or under Public property. Repairs inside the property boundary boundary will frequently fall below the above referenced price range.
  • Depth of the run of pipe: After a depth of about 7′ a backhoe will be needed. After a depth of about 9′ the work will most likely take 2 workdays.
  • Roadway work: Once work is needed under a roadway things get complicated. Utility obstructions, city inspections, and extreme depth all add to the cost.

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Balkan Takes Care Of Your Sewer Repair Project From Start To Finish

Our team handles every facet of your sewer repair job from the quote to the final concrete repairs.

Sewer Repair Reviews

See What People Are Saying About Our Sewer Repair Service

  • I called these folks for a leak into the foundation of my building. They came the next day, located the leak, within 3 days the main line was completely replaced. Sidewalk was totally redone perfectly. Javid and crew were spectacular.

  • George is an outstanding tech-plumber. You should be proud to have him. He was well informed and gave me tips on how to avoid problems with my storm drain. I have had many clogs in the past removed, but none as effieciently done as this one. 5 stars plus.

  • I had a bad odor in my house coming from the sewer line for years. Hired plumber after plumber. Called Balkan as a last resource. They were prompt to come, diagnose the issue and provide a quote. Workers arrived on time and were professional, polite and respectful. They worked straight until the problem was solved. I will be forever grateful. Highly recommend.

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Sewer Repair Resources

Learn More About Sewer Line Repair

Sewer Line Repair Hiring Guide & Explanation Of The Cost

If you're suffering through a broken home sewer pipe, and you need a sewer line repair, you very may well have more questions than answers. Having a sewer repair guide and understanding sewer repair cost can come in handy. The following sewer repair guide will act as your complete tutorial, and it will help you put a logical order to your decision making process.

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Why You Should Choose Balkan For Your Sewer Repair

At Balkan, we work tirelessly to ensure your satisfaction with the job at hand. We are competitively priced and have the expertise and staff to get your sewer fixed the first time, every time!
  • Licensed as a Master Plumber
  • We are available 24/7 for emergencies
  • We manage your project from start to finish
  • Our GPS fleet ensures we're at the jobsite on time, every time
  • We offer a 10-year guarantee on all replacement work
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Balkan Serves All Of New York City Including All Five Buroughs

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