Sewer & Water Disconnections

If you have a new construction or demolition project, you will need to disconnect, or plug, the sewer and water main lines. Balkan can take care of that!

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Service Line Disconnections

NYC’s Leader for House Sewer and Water Disconnections

We know how important it is to have mission critical milestones be completed correctly and on time. Delays cost money. When your next major alteration or new construction project requires whole site demolition, remember that work cannot begin until you have your water main and house sewer service properly disconnected.

We Handle All Permits

Having an intimate understanding of job requirements, code, and the permit process, assures you of a documented process and a successful conclusion to your project.

Expedited Sign-Offs

We know receiving your sign-offs is of paramount importance to keep your project moving. With that in mind, a Balkan Team Member is dedicated to expediting the sign-off process.

Plugging Service Lines Permanently

Property sewer and water disconnections are commonly referred to as plugs. In fact, the actual DEP permits required are called Plug Permits.

A sewer and water disconnection, or plug, is a permanent and irreversible termination of those services. This also results in the DEP closing the associated accounts and ends the billing cycles for those services.

Plugging vs. Turning Off

There is a common misconception that turning off your water service is the same as plugging it. That is not the case.

Water service can be shut via the main control valve, a curb valve, or the tap connection on the city main under the roadway. A plugged water line cannot be put back into service.

Sewer service, on the other hand, is usually plugged at the curb line and can usually be reactivated as long as the existing connection is verified in working order.

Only plugging service lines will result in the closing of associated accounts and, in turn, the billing cycle for those services.

The Sewer And Water Disconnection Process Explained

Similar to all work performed on a house sewer or a water service line, there is a defined process that also requires DEP permits, and typically a DOT permit as well.

Note that before the permit process can even start, the owner of the property must submit a notarized permission letter that expressly states their desire to permanently plug the house sewer and water service line.

Permit applications are then submitted to the DEP and DOT before moving on to the pre-inspection site visit.

Once permits are approved, typically 2-5 days, work is scheduled with inspections to follow.

In most cases, sewer and water disconnections are started and completed the very same day.

The day after inspection and backfill all finished surfaces are permanently restored and the required sign-offs are typically issued by the NYC DEP in 1 to 5 days.

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Our Process

The Process To Plugging Sewer & Water Service Lines

The Balkan Team performs more disconnection work than any contractor in NYC. Our loyal client base is partly due to a uniform price structure, and an easy to understand item pricing methodology.

Disconnection Reviews

Check Our What Our Customers Say About Their Experience

  • Max was incredibly thorough, polite, efficient, and knowledgeable. As a new homeowner, I had a lot of questions that he was ready and willing to answer. He also offered me a lot of advice about general maintenance that was extremely helpful and also suggested other services that I should purchase to protect my sewer system. I could not have asked for a better experience; it was simply terrific on all counts.

  • Joseph L. Balkan Inc. exceeded all my expectations. From the time they arrived to the time that they left. They were just so so thorough in asking, answering & explaining what caused my leak as well as the resolution. They were definitely knowledgeable & courteous, Their manner was kind & caring (they were mindful about protecting our floors). I would & will highly recommend anyone to use Joseph L. Balkan Inc if they want to be assured to have Peace Of Mind that the job at hand will be be done and done well. I Am One Happy Customer!

  • John is the most professional and courteous plumber I have ever hired. He came and took care of the clog for me right away. He also taught me a few things about plumbing. I can tell John is the MVP on your team.

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The Balkan Way

We Specialize In Performing Sewer And Water Main Plugs

This type of work requires an inordinate amount of coordination, permitting, inspections, and overall attention to detail. Hiring Team Balkan provides you with distinct and definable advantages.
  • Licensed as a Master Plumber
  • We are available 24/7 for emergencies
  • We manage your project from start to finish
  • Our GPS fleet ensures we're at the jobsite on time, every time
  • We offer a 10-year guarantee on all replacement work
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