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Water Line Replacement

Need water line replacement? The NYC DEP does not allow repairs to be performed on either existing lead or galvanized water lines.

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Team Balkan

NYC's Water Supply Line Replacement Experts

When you're looking for an expert water supply line replacement in NYC think of Team Balkan. We have a guaranteed response time of 4 hours or less throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, or the Bronx.

Free Inspections

Providing a free water line inspection is an indication we value your well-being as opposed to wanting to extort you.

10-Year Guarantee

We provide a 10-year, unconditional guarantee for all water main replacements performed by our team.

Water Supply Line Replacement: Leave It To The Experts

When it comes to questioning some aspects of your home, determining your plumbing’s efficiency and condition should be left to an expert.

We know having a working water supply is crucial to your everyday life. That’s why it should be a top priority in making the water supply line always effective.

How To Find A Water Main Expert In Your Neighborhood

Getting an expert plumber in a home’s water line is challenging, making many property owners shy away from the search.

Unscrupulous contractors purport to know the plumbing craft but, when presented with the project, tarnish the names of noble contractors who diligently accomplish the water supply line replacement task.

Here are a few things to consider when looking for a water line expert:

  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Vast working experience in your area
  • Proven portfolios backed up by positive online reviews
  • Standing ovation reputation in the neighborhood
  • Talk with a neighbor that’s had a water supply line replacement done already

You can also check out our Complete Main Water Line Replacement Guide for more information.

Preferred Method For A NYC Water Line Replacement

There are various methods ways to perform an underground water line replacement. Each of these methods comes with an associated cost, and risks.

Not every underground replacement job is the same, so it’s best to understand what method is right for this job and the unique challenges and features it presents.

Tunneling Methods

Using short pieces of pipe, along with compressed air to blow the dirt out from the tunnel creates a space just large enough to slide a new copper line through.

Piece by piece the pipe is installed, with the compressed air blowing the dirt out which eliminates any chance of underground utility line damage.

This method also requires very little excavation which reduces the amount of labor needed, and in turn, keeps the cost down.

Pipe Bursting For Underground Water Line Installation

Another method used to perform underground water line replacement work is pipe bursting. This method bursts the old line, by essentially enlarging it and using the old line as a conduit to pull through the new water service line. But, pipe bursting does have its drawbacks, particularly in the NYC area.

Pipe Pulling & Directional Boring

There are also pipe pulling and boring methods for water line replacement and installation work. These methods come in particularly handy when damaging sensitive or valuable finished surfaces must be avoided.

While the set-up time, and size of the sending pits may pose a challenge, frequently the benefits outweigh these challenges. Directional boring and pipe pulling can allow for water line installations with a minimal amount of excavations.

These specialized water line replacement and installation methods can frequently be more expensive. The overall savings can come in the form not having to restore valuable finished surfaces like valuable landscaping and pavers.

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Our Process

How We Treat At Water Main Replacement Jobs

Our simple process makes sure that your water line replacement is handled properly and in the most timely manner possible.

Water Main Reviews

Our Customers Appreciate Our Guaranteed Water Line Replacement Service

  • I called these folks for a leak into the foundation of my building. They came the next day, located the leak, within 3 days the main line was completely replaced. Sidewalk was totally redone perfectly. Javid and crew were spectacular.

  • George is an outstanding tech-plumber. You should be proud to have him. He was well informed and gave me tips on how to avoid problems with my storm drain. I have had many clogs in the past removed, but none as effieciently done as this one. 5 stars plus.

  • I had a bad odor in my house coming from the sewer line for years. Hired plumber after plumber. Called Balkan as a last resource. They were prompt to come, diagnose the issue and provide a quote. Workers arrived on time and were professional, polite and respectful. They worked straight until the problem was solved. I will be forever grateful. Highly recommend.

We Now Offer Financing For Unexpected Sewer & Water Main Repairs and Replacements

Take care of your sewer or water main repair with our convenient financing. Get 0% APR for the first 6 months* and fixed monthly payments* with credit approval.

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Water Line Replacement Resources

Water Service Line Replacement Tunneling Methods

A good way to keep the costs down when having a water service line replacement done is by using tunneling methods. In this video, we're going to show you how the Balkan team uses compressed air through sections of pipe to blow a tunnel and be able to install a copper water service great distances, and with very few excavations.

Trust The Experts

Pick Balkan For All Of Your Water Main Needs In NYC

Our experts can assist you with all of your water line needs. Trust us to properly calculate the water volume and PSI requirements. Our expertise can bring you peace of mind.
  • Licensed as a Master Plumber
  • We are available 24/7 for emergencies
  • We manage your project from start to finish
  • Our GPS fleet ensures we're at the jobsite on time, every time
  • We offer a 10-year guarantee on all replacement work
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Balkan Serves All Of New York City Including All Five Buroughs

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