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Although not specifically water main repair Queens NY, an example of how infrastructure can fail is the collapse of the Newtown Creek bulkhead. This past Sunday, two large sections of the bulkhead on the Queens side of Newton Creek have collapsed, and nobody knows who is responsible for fixing it. The collapse was due to coastal flooding and tides which were two and a half feet higher than normal. Part of the problem was sailors chaining boats to the bulkhead. Then, in the wake of barges going through, the boats rocked and pulled on the wall, causing the collapse.

Water Main Repair Queens NY When Infrastructure Fails Newtown Creek

There are some potential plumbing problems in this area. Last year, a street caved in within one block of the bulkhead. Some sailboats dump raw sewage in the creek. The question is whether NYC or the DOT is responsible. Spokesmen are saying it is not under their jurisdiction. The issue is becoming surrounded by proverbial “red tape”, or “passing the buck”. It is now a hazardous condition.

“The lack of attention to this important part of Newtown creek is sad and shows a failing of City Agencies to properly maintain our Infrastructure,” said New York City Council Majority Leader Jimmy Van Bramer.

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