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Water main needs a new wet connection on the City water main – Water main repair needed in Brooklyn due to insufficient water pressure. Because water main service lines are buried below the ground sometimes very unusual situations arise that are hard to diagnose.

Knowing what type of Water Main Repair is required can be very tricky. In those cases hiring a water main contractor with expertise and experience in solving water service line problems can save thousands of dollars. Typically when there is low water pressure the immediate response is to replace the entire water main service. In this particular case it would have cost over $14,000.00 and would not have solved the water main pressure problem.

Defective wet connection valve

Defective wet connection valve

When Joseph L. Balkan Inc was contacted Paul R. Balkan who is  a Licensed Master Plumber in the City of New York spent many hours examining NYC DEP records. Paul also visited the site multiple times to determine the exact problem with the water service line. By Mr. Balkan taking the time to carefully and correctly assess the situation the owner of the property saved thousands of dollars and had the correct water main work performed.

Balkan Sewer and Water Main Service performed all excavation in a safe manner to expose the defective wet connection on the NYC water main and a portion of the water main service line. Arrangements were made and permits secured for the NYC DEP to install a new wet connection, and the existing defective and clogged one was disconnected and plugged. The water main repair was completed and proper water pressure restored without a costly water main replacement which would not have solved the problem.

By solving water main service problems such as this, in a cost effective and accurate fashion, Balkan Sewer and Water Main Service maintains a loyal client base which has steadily grown over its 60 years of dedication to superior sewer and water main services.