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Water main repair needed in Queens when the roadway collapses – Water shoots out of the sinkage and immediate water line repair service must be provided on a recent weekend. When water started to rush out of the roadway and the roadway collapsed due to a water main repair being needed there was no time to waste. Since Junction Boulevard is a heavily trafficked street it posed a danger to vehicular traffic and pedestrians as well.

Once contacted by a homeowner Balkan Sewer and Water Main Service arrived on the scene to survey the water line leak that same day and arrange for the water main repair to be done. The very next day a full water line repair crew was on the scene making sure traffic flowed properly and safely, excavating to expose the water service line defect, and carting away all the wet excavated material. A water main repair was made to the water service line that same day, with clean and dry backfill material imported to the site, and the roadway restored to traffic at the end of the day.

water main leak

Active water leak

broken water line

Punctured water main line

Since the water line that was leaking was only seven years old, it was quite unusual for it to break again. Balkan determined that a utility contractor had actually punctured the water line with a digging bar while they were doing other work. The leak on the water line did not erupt for some days later.

By notifying the homeowner and contacting the public utility, Balkan laid the groundwork for the homeowner to seek reimbursement for the cost of the water main repair. Balkan feels that its duty to its Clients goes beyond simply doing a sewer or water line repair or replacement job and getting paid for a job. Whether supplying documentation, photographs, itemizing bills, using industry contacts, or servicing any reasonable Client request Balkan Sewer and Water Main Service will use all means possible to act in a homeowners best interest when it comes to any sub-surface plumbing work. The Balkan Sewer and Water main resource page is always available as an aide to our valued Clients.

broken copper main

Hole in water line

controlling traffic flow

Always a safe job site