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Water Line RepairsWater line repairs were unexpectedly needed when a NYC Public Library realized they had no water pressure in their fire sprinkler system. Their monthly test of the fire protection system, something most property owners consider a nuisance, revealed no water pressure. This meant that if not for the required monthly test the water main problem may have gone undiagnosed and proper steps to increase water pressure and restore proper fire protection may not have been taken.

Water Line

It was determined that a water main repair Main Line Valve on the fire sprinkler service line was needed to correct the problem. The findings were that the ‘gate’ inside the curb valve on the water main had dropped into the closed position. The actual defective valve with the dropped ‘gate’ is pictured above and on the right. Not good news, but water main repairs are much less costly than a complete water main. A water line repair could be done in this case, and it made sense as well because the main water line in question was not that old. It is very unusual for a curb valve for a main water line to be defective in this manner as it was a domestically produced curb valve and met all NYC DEP code standards.

Balkan Sewer And Water Main ServiceWater Line Valve was called to resolve the problem and increase the low water pressure in order to provide proper fire protection for the Public Library. In just one normal work day a crew from Balkan worked seamlessly to excavate and close the wet connection, expose and remove the existing curb valve, and install a new curb valve with an operating box. In that same day all excavations were backfilled and compacted with full fire sprinkler protection restored to the library. In short, the completed water main repairs were performed in one day, and a very real potential threat to life and property was resolved professionally.

Water line repairs completed with a proper NYC DEP permit, the required NYC DEP inspection, and completed ahead of schedule is what Balkan provides on a daily basis for its valued clientele. For over 50 years Balkan is trusted to provide ‘Results Not Excuses’ for all water repair or main water line replacement work throughout the entire NYC metropolitan area.

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