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When a main water line leaks and water line repairs are needed an organized and prompt response must be provided. Sometimes this level of water main service means responding at all hours of the day. In this particular case the NYC DEP had issues a ‘Three Day Notice’ to repair and were on the verge of excavating in the roadway and closing off the tap connection for the water service line. When a water line leaks the NYC DEP can shut the tap connection and a fee of $1,000.00 for the shutdown would be additional to cost of the water line repairs.

The homeowner in the case of this main water line Leak In Roadway leak made a call at 3AM to Balkan Sewer And Water Main Service and to other water main contractors as well. Balkan was the first to respond and a representative from the company arrived at the site before 7AM. The NYC DEP had a crew already on site prepared to close the homeowners connection for their water service line. The homeowner and the NYC DEP as well needed assurance that the water line repairs would be started promptly to avoid the shutdown and the additional costs involved.

Less than one hour later a full water main repair Water Main Break crew arrived with a truck loaded with all materials, tools, and equipment required to perform the water line repairs. When a main water line leaks not all contractors are prepared to give this level of main water line service. The NYC DEP left the site assured that the water line would be repaired that very day and there was no need to shut off the tap connection. The homeowner avoided the costly shutdown fee and received a water repair at the fairest of prices because Balkan always uses aUniform Pricing Policy regardless of the level of main water line service required.

In this particular case a water main repair was Water Main Repair performed because the existing water service line was copper and was not that old. It appears that a utility contractor had punctured the water main while performing gas work in the roadway. Providing a complete water main repair within hours to NYC DEP code compliance and at the fairest of prices is standard company policy at Balkan. For over 50 years ‘Results Not Excuses‘.