Professional Sewer Cleanout Installation: What is it and Why Do I Need It?

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May 25, 2021

by David Balkan

Professional Professional Sewer Cleanout Installation

Do you need professional sewer cleanout installation? When the water tap of a sink is opened, the water that flows through the drain will go into the pipes of your home. It then goes through your home’s drainage system towards the main sewer drainage system. It is a very compounded system in which all the sewer pipes have a connection. If one clog is discovered in the main line, you will eventually need a sewer cleaning completed at the professional level. This is accomplished by having sewer pipe cleanouts installed at strategic locations throughout your sewer and drain system.

Professional Professional Sewer Cleanout Installation

A Sewer Cleanout: What is it?

While sewer cleanouts may not be a topic that is always discussed, sewer cleanouts can quickly become a hot topic if you begin to notice issues with your sewer system. A sewer cleanout is a threaded cap or a plug that affixes on your main drain lines and sewer line at predetermined points.

Sewer cleanouts act as a point through which you can insert a variety of sewer cleaning tools to get to the main 0sewer pipelines. A sewer cleanout will provide access to the remainder of your home’s sewer system. The various locations of this access point acts as a key asset to your home’s plumbing system and disposal system. 

When your sewer system is buried in a hidden area, the sewer cleanout will play a critical role in diagnosing the problem. If you discover a clog in your home and you also have a sewer cleanout, our expert technicians can use a hydro jetting tool or a snake to separate the clog and have your waste system running smoothly again. If you do not have a sewer cleanout, the experienced technicians at Balkan can complete the installation process for you. 

Why Do I Need Cleanouts?

Generally, blockages in your sewer line are formed by compacted waste matter. However, tree roots, septic system issues, and poor venting can all play a role in sewer line blockages. The majority of the unclogging tools are motorized and can be used to unclog a significant amount of debris. However, these motorized tools cannot be inserted into the sewer line through a fixture drain or toilet. A motorized tool, like a sewer auger, will be too big and can damage a fixture drain or toilet. This is why sewer cleanouts are needed. 

There are several benefits of having a sewer cleanouts installed, including the following:

  • They can prevent frequent drain problems because a professional can tell you what is causing the issue
  • A sewer cleanout will ensure any issues will be detected before they result in a major problem
  • Sewer cleanouts will make it easier to fix clogged pipes by easier access
  • You will experience a reduction in maintenance and repair costs
  • A sewer cleanout can prevent flooding by also providing relief points in your drain system

Where Can Sewer Cleanouts Be Found?

Sewer cleanouts are not all located in the same areas. There can be several sewer cleanouts for one property. Generally, sewer cleanouts will be found inside every home. Older home sand newer homes typically have the same amount of these cleanout access points as both must abide by the same plumbing code. 

A lateral sewer line will be connected to the drainage system of your home and a sewer or septic tank, and the lateral waste line generally has more than one cleanout. Generally, one or two lateral waste lines will be buried in the ground near the pipe’s path. Sewer cleanouts can also be found in crawl spaces or basements as a form of protection from freezing temperatures. The most notable way to clean out your sewer and house drain is through your sewer trap. A sewer trap is also technically a clean out. Other clean outs are located at the base of every drain stack. A drain stack is the vertical drain pipe where your branch lines connect to.

These steps should help you locate the sewer cleanout more easily:

  • Perform a search near your foundation (The sewer cleanout’s cap can often be found within 3 feet of your home’s inside foundation wall).
  • Check your sidewalk (the cleanout can be painted or stamped with the letter “S”).
  • Check your attic, basement, and crawl spaces(sewer cleanouts will appear to be a “T” shaped or “Y” shaped intersection, and one side will be capped). A clean out is usually located just above the floor and at the base of any main vertical drain line.

Does Every Home Need A Cleanout?

Since all of your sewer pipes are running under the foundation of your home, you may not always know when there is a problem. When problems like leaks, breaks, stoppages, and the presence of tree roots occur, they will often go undetected until you start experiencing major problems like clogged and slow drains. 

This is where the importance of sewer cleanouts comes into play. Sewer cleanouts can be used for a significant amount of testing. When homes have sewer cleanouts, sewer cameras can be placed into the cleanout to investigate. Sometimes the sewer cleanouts can be used to clear a blockage using a sewer machine. In some cases, there will not be a need to use tools to determine if there is an issue. Our answer would be ‘yes”. All homes do need a sewer cleanout. 


Sewer Cleanout Installation

As we mentioned previously, most homes already have a sewer cleanout. However, we do know that many older homes may not have a sewer cleanout. This is especially true if one has not been required by any state or local plumbing codes. In these cases, it is recommended to have one professionally installed. At Balkan Sewer And Water Main Service, we have been in business for over 60 years and have installed hundreds of cleanouts. To determine what type of sewer cleanout is right for your home, you must understand what each cleanout is and what they do. Type of sewer cleanout installations include the following:

  • City/tap cleanout is generally installed closer to the side of the street or even near the sidewalk
  • End of sewer line cleanout is installed in the wall of a kitchen sink, washing machine, or bathroom
  • The main sewer line cleanout is installed close to your home; it is usually installed in your backyard or front yard

How Can A Sewer Cleanout Impact Your Home?

One of the goals and missions of Balkan Sewer and Water Main Service is to give you the peace of mind you need. We understand how critical a sewer cleanout installation is to the prevention of maintenance of plumbing and sewer issues. Sewer and plumbing issues can lead to many worst-case scenarios, including an entire home re-pipe. You want the best ream to install your new cleanout. 

A sewer cleanout that is functioning will be very important for your home and your family. Wastewater can pose a significant health risk to your family. If wastewater begins to seep into your floors and baseboards before someone can clean it up, the wastewater can remain there. Dangerous gases can also build up, and without a sewer cleanout that has been properly capped, the gasses can easily get into the air inside your home. 

Many homeowners are not aware of the impact of a sewer cleanout or how often a sewer cleanout needs to be unclogged. Eventually, you will need to know about a sewer cleanout and where yours is located. If you have questions about your sewer cleanout or if you are not sure that you have a sewer cleanout, please do not hesitate to reach out to a professional. 

Sewer cleanouts are necessary for unclogging, and it makes it easier to identify problems in your drain line. It is also easier with hiring our team and letting us do the sewer cleanout. Do not hesitate to contact Balkan Sewer and Water Main Service for a consultation at (718) 849-0900. We are available 24/7 for all your needs. 

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