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A Balkan crew recently completed a private sewer repair at Dalian Court in College Point, Queens, NY. Like many private sewers on private property, this one was not subject to inspection by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), or any other government entity, at the time it was built. Unfortunately, this lack of oversight often attracts unscrupulous plumbing contractors who have realized the profit potential of taking shortcuts.

private sewer manhole installation

Checking private sewer repair manhole ring elevation

Some sewer contractors offer a low-cost quote that often turns into an expensive headache down the road. Sometimes plumbers can get away with using poor quality materials and doing things that do not meet the plumbing code. This especially true when there is no required inspection. Doing things the ‘quick, cheap, and easy’ way may increase their profit margins, but it does not bode well if you are one of the property owners.

private sewer repair

A crushed stone bedding prevents pipe settlement

Why this private sewer repair was needed

In this case, the previous sewer contractor followed some particularly poor installation practices. They started off by failing to create a firm stone bedding capable of supporting heavy sewer pipes. Instead, they installed the sewer pipes on top of ground that would continue to settle in the future. This caused the private sewer to eventually fail.

The previous plumber capped off their litany of mistakes by actually installing one of the inlets so that it was going against the flow of waste headed for the manhole! As might be expected, this created a swirling whirlpool of waste that continually backed up rather than draining as it should. In this case there was no cost savings, just a complete lack of integrity on the plumbers part.

incorrect sewer manhole detail

The original incorrect manhole installation

An expert in private sewer repair and new installations

Fortunately, the property owner called on Balkan to fix this mess. Unlike the previous sewer contractor, Balkan always follows proper installation procedures. This includes using high-quality materials, and holds our work up to our internal standards. A private sewer installation receives the same care and quality of workmanship as the most rigorously inspected public installation.  Code requirements are always met or exceeded by the Balkan Team, whether on private or public property.

New sewer manhole

A correct trough at the base of a manhole

The Balkan Team installed a proper, firm stone bedding and topped it with extra heavy cast iron pipe. Of course, all of the pipe we installed drained smoothly down the manhole without conflicts. After we had finished the sewer installation, we completed the job by paving the parking lot. Our restoration standards actually exceeded the surrounding area. Installing a ready mix concrete base, and a hot asphalt top sealed with tar, accomplished a long lasting restoration. Final restoration was completed the day after the excavation was backfilled and compacted, as is the Balkan standard.

If you would like your private sewer repair to receive this same level of quality attention and care, contact Balkan Sewer And Water Main Service. We would love to add your name to our ever-growing list of highly satisfied customers.