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Sewer and water main company logo. Broken Water Main in Queens – Water Main Replacement started and completed within 24 hours – A Homeowner in Queens received a violation from the NYC DEP due to a broken water main on a Thursday they thought there was little chance of having the water main replacement completed before the weekend.

The Homeowner contacted Balkan Sewer and Water Main Service and an experienced representative rang their bell within one hour. Balkan had previously performed a number of water main replacements on the block and the neighbors had been happy with the work.

roadway sign

Balkan on job site

On Friday morning a water main installation crew arrived on the site and set up traffic cones, barricades, and work signs to ensure a safe work site. Working safely is always a top priority before work even starts. Working as a team the Balkan crew began to make various excavations and worked steadily toward taking care of the broken water main problem. Working as a team is very important for a timely and on-schedule completion. If the crew didn’t work together the water main replacement would never have gotten completed before the weekend.

underground worker

Installation in progress

Even though many rocks were encountered and the ground was very hard, the crew was undeterred. By around 2 PM the new copper water main was installed and the entire water main replacement almost complete. As is standard Balkan practice all of the excavated material was removed and clean backfill material was brought to the site at no additional cost to the homeowner. By 4 PM that same day another crew arrived from Balkan with specialized cement equipment and tools to complete restoration of the disturbed sidewalk cement.

underground work

Tunneling to install water line

The Homeowner did not expect everything to be done the same day. But even the sidewalk cement was restored with a brand new full flag of cement – not just a patch. Doing a complete water main replacement within 24 hours of a call for service is routine for Balkan. Balkan Sewer and Water Main Service provides this same level of sewer and water main service throughout Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx with over 60 years of NYC plumbing experience.