Free Water Main and House Sewer Check-Up Before You Buy A House In NYC

Frequently a NYC property owner or a potential buyer will be unsure of the condition of the house sewer line or water main entering their property. The condition of a house sewer or water line can have a big impact on a purchasing decision. They can also affect the quality of life for a homeowner if improper or undersized materials were used for the sewer or water main. Balkan Sewer And Water Main Service offers free, no obligation site visits  and House Sewer Check-Up for  Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Bronx residents.

lead water line

Lead Water Line

An experienced Balkan representative will arrange to meet you at the property at a time of your convenience during normal work hours. This free and no obligation assessment will include determining the size of the main water line, and the type of water main material was used – lead, copper, galvanized pipe, brass pipe, or ductile iron pipe. This can be important information if you are considering buying a house. If the main water line is lead Balkan does not perform testing for lead but test kits are available at a very low cost. By determining the size of the water line and by checking NYC DEP records it can be determined if the size of water line and the tap connection is adequate for your property. Additionally it can be determined how old the water main is – A typical water line lasts for around 50 years. This free assessment can make you aware of a possible water main replacement before you buy a house.

galvanized water main

Galvanized water main

Checking out a house sewer can be a complicated task. Our experienced representatives can typically locate a house trap, check the condition of the sewer trap, and see if all is water-tight. Doing further investigation on a house sewer may involve using a TV camera or a sewer cleaning machine – There are charges associated with services such as these, but are small in comparison with a possible sewer replacement costing thousands of dollars.

K copper

Domestic K copper used exclusively

Other ‘no fee’ services provided by Balkan are checking NYC DEP sewer records and providing connection type and location to the NYC sewer. Elevations can also be checked to make sure there is proper pitch for your house sewer to function properly.

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