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You and your family rely on your home’s plumbing system on a daily basis. This can make a sewer line backup problematic as it prevents the use of the plumbing throughout your home until it is remediated. As sewer line backup experts, we know homeowners will often not be able to tell if their issue is a local clog, or a sewer line is backed up and needs professional maintenance. But if you know what to look for ahead of time, you can often tell if there is a backup in your sewer line that requires a pro. Here are a few signs that may indicate a sewer line backup.

Shower Can Tell You About Sewer Line Backup

Shower Drains are Clogged

If one toilet or drain seems to have problems, then it may be a local clog in that one fixture rather than the entire sewer line. However, if multiple sinks, toilets, and/or drains appear to be having problems draining properly, then it is very likely the issue is with your main sewer line. One way to tell if the clog is in a sewer line rather than a single fixture would be to check your first-floor shower(s). Since shower drains are usually located on a lower plane (beneath the floor), they will be the first to show signs of blockage. If your showers appear to be draining slowly, then you may have a sewer line backup.

Water Backs Up in Odd Places

Often, when a sewer line is blocked, water may not be able to exit your home in its normal route. A blocked sewer line will cause water to try to find other places to go, water will seek the path of least resistance. When water leaks in strange places, this is a sign that something is wrong. For instance, you may find that when you run the water in the sink, it backs up in your shower drain. Such a backup is an indicator that there is a serious blockage in your sewer line that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.

A sewer line blockage can end up causing you a great deal of trouble if not remedied in a timely fashion. It is important that you know the signs of a blockage so that you can have it taken care of before the issue worsens. Contact Balkan Sewer And Water Main if you feel your sewer line may be blocked and one of our experienced professionals will evaluate your situation with a free consultation.