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When a sewer replacement or sewer repair is needed top notch materials should be used, not all sewer companies abide by that. When a sewer and water main contractor is needed a property owner expects that the highest quality material will be used, and may even expect that all sewer pipe is the same. This is frequently not the case.

Balkan uses only domestically made extra heavy cast iron pipe when doing a sewer replacement, which routinely tests out higher than imported pipe that many companies use. Saving a few dollars on material is the reason some companies use imported pipe, and risk premature failure of a sewer replacement. Sewer relays typically last well over 50 years without any maintenance or corrective work needed. That is why property owners should ask what type of material is being used and where is was manufactured, it is a customers right to know.

Balkan Sewer and Water Main Service refuses to compromise quality for added profits. Fulfilling customer expectations is what good business practices are about. That is why 10 year guarantees are standard on all sewer replacement installations performed by Balkan. That 10 year guarantee is backed up by a sewer replacement company in business for over 50 years.