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Sewer repairs needed due to city sewer back ups ? Watch Balkans educational video, then read on to learn more about why a Sewer Check Valve is a cost effective sewer repair.

Sewer Repairs Frequently in many areas across the country public sewers back up during heavy rainfall, ice or snow melts, and if the public sewer is defective of overburdened. If the sole cause of the house sewer back up is the public sewer, costly sewer repairs on the house sewer may not be required. Southeast Queens in New York City is an area in particular that suffers with the public sewer backing up during heavy rainfall. A sewer repair or sewer replacement of the actual house sewer will not help to solve the problem.

The installation of a sewer check valve in the basement is a relatively simple solution to sewer problems as described above. Balkan Sewer And Water Main Service specializes in these type of sewer check valve installations. Because Balkan has been based out of southeast Queens for over 50 years they are quite familiar with public sewer back-ups and the proper sewer repair solution.

Balkan Sewer Repair work has unique features

Backwater check valveSome of the things that make a Balkan sewer repair unique is the use of a cast iron sewer check valve, use of a precast water tight access pit, and a fitting cover which prevents odors or insects form escaping form the pit. In addition Balkan is careful to install sewer valves to code, which means installing the sewer check valve on the street side of the house trap.

Frequently Balkan will install a brand new house trap to ensure a long-lasting and final solution to the house sewer problem. A final and professional solution to a house sewer problem can cost a fraction of the damage from just one public sewer back up.