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Emergency NYC sewer line repair work requires around-the-clock service in Manhattan to get a restaurant up and running – Balkan solves the problem. When a popular Chinese restaurant requires an emergency sewer line repair the property owner has to take immediate action for this valued tenant. NYC sewer work in Manhattan done on an emergency basis requires a licensed plumbing contractor who is highly experienced and has the proper manpower and equipment readily available.

This NYC sewer needed special attention and a sewer line repair:

  • A free no obligation sewer line site evaluation within one hour.
  • An accurate description of the work with an accurate quote.
  • Next-morning mobilization for the sewer line repair.
  • 24 Hour round-the-clock weekend work until the sewer line repair was completed.
  • All permits secured with the required inspection completed by a DEP Field Inspector.
  • Uninterrupted backfill of the excavations followed by professional sidewalk and roadway restoration.
  • A broom clean work site with a happy tenant who lost absolutely no business.
traffic cones

A safe site at all times

Balkan Sewer and Water Main Service provides solutions to NYC sewer problems on a regular basis. What is extraordinary sewer line repair service to other sewer contractors is routine for Balkan. Balkan has a fleet of fully stocked service vehicles, backhoes ready to roll, and a 48,000 square foot fully stocked warehouse. Coupled with the most experienced and trusted name in the industry, means there is no reason to look anywhere else for NYC sewer line repair service when a licensed and trusted plumbing contractor is needed.

sewer work

Manhattan job site

In this case all of the customers needs were met in a timely basis for his sewer problem in Manhattan. Fulfilling promises is an integral part of being a trusted name in the New York City sewer and water main industry. For over 60 years Balkan Sewer and Water Main Service provides “As promised, when promised” sewer and water main service throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.