Know The Pipe Size of Your Plumbing & See How A Pipe Size Chart Comes in Handy

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June 16, 2020

by David Balkan


Frequently when confronted with many different diameters of pipes, even an experienced plumber can get confused on what the exact pipe size of the plumbing is. Needless to say, this is even more of a challenge for a typical homeowner. Of course, the challenge increases even more so when the pipes are located in a confined or hard-to-reach place.

Guessing the wrong size of the piping materials needed can lead to needless expense, and a frustrating experience as well. A very simple tool called a slide caliper, and the Balkan Pipe Chart (see below) can save you a lot of aggravation. Note that the Balkan pipe sizing chart mentioned below does not include a pvc pipe size table.

A Slide Caliper Is An Easy To Use Tool

A slide caliper is an easy-to-use and precise tool. It requires no special training of skill, and many versions actually give an electronic readout. Knowing the size of the pipe you are measuring becomes easy and accurate when the Balkan Pipe Chart is coupled with using a slide caliper. Many versions of a slide caliper cost less than $10.00, and are readily available for an online purchase.

For the purpose of measuring the outside diameter of plumbing, a slide caliper is recommended. That is because a slide caliper is exact, while under certain circumstances your eye alone can play tricks on you.

Pipe Size Measuring Tool: Slide Caliper

Plumbing Pipe Material Affects Outside Diameter Of Each Pipe

Also, note that you must know the material the pipe that you are measuring is made out of. That is because different pipe materials have different pipe wall thicknesses. That is why all Balkan Field Representatives are equipped with both the slide caliper tool and the pipe size chart.

Sometimes situations arise where one is confronted with multiple different pipes, and frequently in confined spaces. Being properly equipped means on-point assessments, and correct work orders as well.

Use The Balkan Pipe Chart To Know the Pipe Size

The below pipe size chart is super easy to use and can be downloaded. We can also supply it to you via an email request. To emphasize again, it can get confusing to know the exact size of a pipe simply by eye. Poor lighting and questionable accessibility can also lead to mistakes. These mistakes can lead to purchasing the wrong size material, or even incorrect work orders.

In worst-case scenarios plumbing material sizing mistakes can mean having your water line taken apart, with service interrupted, only to discover the size of the pipe is different than you anticipated. Therefore plumbing pipe size charts are an extremely helpful guide.

pipe size chart 1 1

Another Helpful Tip In Knowing The Size of Your Pipes

Many components in your plumbing system, even branch lines, will have control valves. Each and every valve on a plumbing system will have its size labeled on the valve body. That is also a surefire way to know the size of the pipe itself. You must make sure however that there is not a reducer or an increaser between the valve and the piping itself. In other cases, the pipe size may be imprinted on the pipe itself. That is frequently the case with L-type copper tubing.

The valve size is always stamped on the valve body itself

Call An Expert To Know Your Exact Pipe Size

Many plumbing tasks may seem simple, but you should be knowledgeable about your skill level before undertaking a task. Even simple plumbing tasks can develop into much more complicated affairs than one anticipated.

Whenever work is needed on your water supply it is advisable to call a licensed plumbing professional. This is even more true when the work involves your water service line that connects to the street. Using incorrect materials or incorrectly sized materials can have long-term negative consequences.

Just like your interior plumbing, a trusted and licensed water main contractor will know exactly what size water service line your property requires. This involves not only knowing the pipe size of your existing line but also the actual need of your current plumbing system. Over the years plumbing fixtures may have been added to your home or building. In some cases, the original water supply line may even have been undersized.

Balkan is “The Team You Trust”

The professionals at Balkan Sewer And Water Main Service will expertly calculate the proper size pipe your property requires. They will also make sure that the size meets code requirements as well. To do this, Balkan will carefully consider all aspects of your water service line installation. Even the length of the run of the pipe is taken into consideration as a key component. This will all result in providing you with a proper flow of water, proper water pressure, and a long-lasting installation.

Remember that all Balkan replacement work comes with a 10-year unconditional guarantee. After over 70 years, and over 90,000 satisfied clients, Balkan is “The Team You Trust”.

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