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Balkan plumbign logo. BalkanSewer and Water Main Service Launches a New Web Site: When my brother Paul and myself decided to better portraycompany-wide dedication to Customer service and satisfaction by developing a brand new web-site, certain issues were key. “Stock” language with empty sayings or slogans, “stock” photos of people and equipment that are not a part of Balkan, and empty promises just would not do. We are a “for real” company with a lot to offer. My Brother and myself have devotedover 60 years combined to a common goal of “Superior Service” based on honesty.

In order to accurately portray our family company we trusted Brian Scherr of Scherr Technology. He took great pains to understand our company-wide dedication. He visited our facilitiesand met with our people a number of times.The end result is a web-site that accurately and honestly portrayswhat Balkan Sewer and Water Main Service is all about.Please enter our site to get to know us, and read below to learn more about Brian’s “Superior Services.”

Sincerely, David Balkan

AboutScherr Technology

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Prestigious Clientele
You can be confident in our abilities, our prestigious clientele include The Merce Cunningham Dance Company, Main Street Pedicabs, the Intrepid Museum, an Oklahoma State Senator and the USS New York, the ship that contains World Trade Center steel.