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There’s an old saying that implores people to always leave a place better than they found it. It is something most people think about when using a public park, or maybe a campground. When applied to contractors, many do not live by this adage. However, it is something the Balkan Team always thinks about. Balkan Sewer And Water Main strives to have satisfied customers. Since you remember us most by the condition we leave your premises in, that means leaving the job site in equal or better condition than when we got there. We accomplish this with highly skilled in-house paving and cement crews, and a rapid job site restoration.

broken concrete

Before: sewer repair in progress

cement entrance

After: professional and graded concrete entrance

When making a mess is unavoidable: job site restoration is vital

Contractors will often make a mess, it is frequently unavoidable. Whether you are having drywall repaired, plumbing fixed, or a kitchen upgraded, there is always dirt, dust, and debris left behind. Having your sewer or water main repaired is no different. We recognize that the post-construction clean-up adds additional stress on the homeowners or business owners. We therefore strive to do everything we can to restore your finished surfaces back to normal, so as not to place any additional burden on you, our valued customer.

In sewer and water main work, we often have to do extensive work to get to the problem. That often means breaking up concrete sidewalks, or asphalt driveways and parking lots. Unfortunately, the final clean up requires more than a quick sweep with a broom. Regardless, we are committed to seeing the job gets done to the highest standards from start to finish. So if we have to break something to fix your problem, we will restore it, and usually better than it was before. If that means mixing a professional grade of concrete to repair a stretch of sidewalk, then we will do it. If we have to truck in hot asphalt and equipment to fix a driveway, parking lot, or public roadway then so be it.

Balkan Sewer And Water Main does not just fix your water and sewer mains, but keeps working until your property looks as good or better than it was when we arrived. Our customers have expressed their appreciation for our attention to these details, so we will continue to make it our priority. If you have questions about sewer or water mains on your property, contact Balkan Sewer And Water Main.