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Sewer ReplacementIn the Sewer and Water Main business it is always a good idea to expect the unexpected. Sewer repair and water line repairs were needed in Queens for a brand new group of houses that were not even occupied yet. This is a most unusual occurrence as a new sewer or water main usually lasts for over 50 years. Sometimes a manufacturers flaw can cause a premature failure, but using domestically produced materials usually eliminates that possibility. Excavating at the site would provide some unusual answers for why multiple sewer repair and water line repairs were needed.

Balkan Sewer And water Main Service was called to thewater main break scene. After securing the required NYC DEP permits and arranging for the required NYC DEP inspections Balkan began excavating. There was heavy excavation already present at the scene, and drywells were being installed by another contractor.

Water Line It was found that a pile driver had previously driven large I beams, meant to hold shoring for excavations, underground and right through the sewer in one place, and the water main in two other places. At one point the pile driver pushed a tap connection for one of the water lines right out of an 8″ water main. In addition, three water main operating boxes were broken and destroyed.

Working carefully all (6)six sewer and water line repairs were completed in just two workdays, including the required NYC DEP inspections. This work included three new water main valve boxes, a new tap connection and water line repairs, a sewer repair, and an 8″ water main repair. This is another example of how Balkan provides ‘solutions not excuses’. And sewer and water line repairs completed to code, and ahead of schedule.

Sewer Line Replacement