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A large mixed-use building was faced with a water line emergency recently. Not only was water pouring out of the roadway creating a traffic hazard, but the basement was starting to get flooded. The building super contacted the NYC DEP to shut down the water main, but the DEP did not have personnel available.

Getting the water closed was the top priority before doing the water main repair, even though it would leave the building without fire protection. The buildings super acting in the best interest of the owner pursued all options until finally deciding on hiring the proper water main contractor. Balkan was chosen to shut off the water, and afterward to perform the water line replacement work.

It was agreed that a water main crew would be mobilized before their usual start time and arrive on the site at 7AM to start excavating to shut off the water. As promised a crew arrived, electronically traced out the direction of the water line and started excavating. At the same time test holes were drilled in the roadway to carefully determine the area where the water main leak was located, and where the water main repair had to be done.

Working as a team the crew simultaneously closed the water and excavated and uncovered the crack in the water line. Not only was the water shut, the water main replacement was started and completed within one work-day. Instead of installing a repair clamp or just leaving the water off, Balkan completely removed the defective section of pipe.

Balkan then installed a new section of ductile iron water line including all fittings to meet or exceed NYC DEP code. Proper DEP inspection was arranged for, and the water main repair was officially signed-off. By exceeding expectations the building was left with fire protection intact, no water damage from the leak, and proper traffic control maintained throughout the entire water line repair process.

Working as a team with a company-wide goal of providing superior service enables Balkan to exceed its Clients expectations routinely. Balkan Sewer and Water Main Service provides this same level of sewer or water line replacement service throughout Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx, and has done so for over 50 years.