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Sewer repair and Sewer replacementSewer line and water main service work – replacements and upgrades. The Balkan Team are the experts at handling all your sewer and water main service line needs in a timely and cost effective manner. We are an industry standard with over sixty years of experience operating safely in the NYC metro area. Our replacements feature our Ten-Year Unconditional Guarantee*.

We are there for you in an emergency if you suffer a failure of your sewer or water main system with 24/7/365 Sewer Repair, Water Main Repair and Sewer Replacement service from Balkan. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to dispatch one of our fully stocked “warehouse on wheels” service trucks. If it’s not on our truck, our 48,000 square foot facility contains whatever tools, materials and equipment your sewer replacement or water main repair may require.

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Emergency Replacement, Violations Repair, Inspections

Balkan has the proper methods, tools and solutions to make your NYC Sewer repair or water service repair job a success. We are familiar with the requirements of each borough of New York City and have consistently provided safe, quality service.

The Unique Challenges of NYC Sewer Work

Operating within New York City DEP rules and regulations, connecting to the public sewer system, and completing a proper sewer replacement, requires specialty knowledge and experience. Subsurface plumbing installations in NYC are a specialty field, within a specialty field! Not only must a contractor be a NYC Licensed Master Plumber but they must have a specialty bond on file with the NYC DOT and adequate insurance coverages.

NYC has a great many underground utilities that can be found in all of the boroughs – not just Manhattan. Even when utilities are carefully marked out and NYC sewer contractors abide by the New York 811 system difficult situations frequently arise. A warning sign of a heavy presence of underground utilities is when no above-ground poles for electric or telephone lines are present. Read more about NYC sewer work .

The Right Tools For the Job

Our extensive stock of tools and materials means no waiting for sewer replacement parts to ship out when you need service restored now. Our specialty fleet has all the necessary safety equipment required to ensure a safe underground excavation including traffic cones, personnel barriers, reflective indicators, LED indicators, vehicle-based lighting and warning signs.

Sewer Repair Vs. Replacement

Although a sewer repair may be appropriate in some instances, there are certain situations and several advantages to a complete sewer replacement. Typically a complete sewer line replacement will last for well over 50 years, be guaranteed* unconditionally for 10 years, and require no maintenance whatsoever. In addition the sewer replacement job itself is more straightforward than a sewer repair because there is no guesswork in determining where the exact point of the problem is or location of the sewer pipe. The advantages of a complete sewer line replacement include:

  • Back-pitched sewer pipe can be corrected with a replacement – A repair can typically not accomplish that.
  • There is very little chance of excavating in the wrong area which can waste thousands of dollars.
  • There is no expense to diagnose the point of the problem and location of where the house sewer runs which can sometimes exceed $1,000.00.
  • There is the confidence in knowing that the sewer problem is solved once-and-for- all.

NYC Water Main Repairs & Water Main Replacements

NYC water main replacement and water main repair work requires top notch materials. Unlike many less developed or newly developed areas of the country NYC water main work poses special challenges and unique conditions. Frequent ground shifting due to dramatic temperature changes through the year is one factor.

Another factor particular to NYC is a higher incidence of utility excavation due to the age of many subsurface facilities and the number of underground facilities present in NYC. For these reasons and simply to provide a higher quality water main repair or replacement Balkan uses domestic K copper exclusively. In addition Balkan uses brass fittings manufactured in North America exclusively. A superior NYC water main repair or water main replacement starts with superior materials. Read more about NYC water main work.

Important Notice Regarding Repairs to Galvanized or Lead Water Service Lines

The NYC DEP does not allow repairs to be performed on either existing lead or galvanized water lines. Not only would attempting such a repair be poor plumbing practice and a waste of money, it would be illegal. In Chapter 20 of the DEP rules and regulations regarding water distribution lines the rule clearly states:

“Permits to repair service pipes composed of lead or galvanized metal will no longer be issued. These service pipes must be replaced. Permits to repair more than one-half of any service pipe shall no longer be issued. These service pipes must be replaced in their entirety.”

Why Joseph L. Balkan Sewer and Water Main Specialists?

In addition to the impeccable Balkan reputation, we are insured, licensed, bonded, and our field forces are OSHA 10 hour certified. Our highly trained and experienced staff is courteous and responsive. Whether a sewer repair, sewer replacement, or water line repair, all work will meet or exceed DEP and DOB code and is unconditionally guaranteed*. You can rest assured of a top quality water repair, sewer repair or replacement job every time. In Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, or the Bronx, Balkan is your one-stop-shop for quality and integrity. View our client testimonials.

Contact a Sewer Repair, Water Main Repair and Sewer Replacement Specialist via our 24/7 online form or call (718) 849-0900.

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Balkan Plumbing is the largest sewer and water main company in NYC. For over 60 years, our family's 10 year guarantee* means we stand by our work long after the job is done. For sewer and water main issues throughout Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx contact Joseph L. Balkan, Inc. today for 24/7/365 service. Paul R. Balkan, NYC Licensed Master Plumber 01281

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