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If you notice odd sounds such as hissing or whooshing or if you see water coming out of the ground or your foundation wall, the problem could be a water main leak and require water main leak detection. However, these symptoms only indicate that there is a water leak somewhere. Water takes the path of least resistance as it flows underground from the leak source to where you will ultimately see it. This means the leak source could be either on your property or elsewhere such as your neighbor’s house or the city water supply.

Water Main Leak Detection Acoustic Testing

Ignoring these symptoms whether they are visible water flow or hissing sounds is simply not an option. Even if the water does not appear to be coming from your plumbing, you cannot know that for sure. Water damage to your home is expensive to repair. Water leakage can also damage your foundation by eroding away the supporting soil beneath it. The only prudent action when you see or hear water leaking you have is to contact a water main specialist to locate the source of the leak.

A water main leak detection specialist can use acoustic (sound) testing to determine if the leak is coming from your home’s plumbing or its connection to the city water main. If the leakage is coming from your plumbing, the sound will be heard from the plumbing pipes themselves. However, this can be confusing. Sound travels much better through pipe than it does through the air, so it is important to rely on professionals.

Our water main specialist will first close the main shut-off or control valve to your home. This is done to eliminate sounds from the water running through your home’s plumbing. Then a detection device such as a sonoscope leak detector is placed on the pipe. Normally, there shouldn’t be any water sounds because the shut-off valve has stopped water flow to your home. However, if a water sound is detected, then it is a strong indicator the leak is coming from your home’s connection to the city water main.

If the leak is at your connection to the city water main, your line may have to be dug up to discover the exact nature of the leak. Depending on what is found, repair or replacement options will be recommended.  Once a repair or replacement is completed, Balkan Sewer And Water Main offers restoration for asphalt and concrete surfaces within 24 hours.

If you suspect a water main leak on your property, please contact the water main leak detection professionals at Balkan Sewer And Water Main today.