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Balkan plumbign logo. Hiring a Water Main and Sewer Contractor can seem like a complicated task. Use the following 8 point checklist to simplify the hiring process, be aware of the eight “signs of trouble” when you are considering hiring a sewer or water main contractor. The vast majority of Sewer Contractors and Water Main Contractors in NYC are reputable, but why take a chance? This “List of 8” should simplify your sewer and water main hiring process and leave you with a job well-done:

  1. The quote and scope of sewer or water main work are verbal, and the Contractor is reluctant to put it in writing – Trust me. I don’t think so.
  2. Quoting over the phone and being reluctant to actually visit the site. All reputable water main and sewer Contractors offer free site visits and free estimates.
  3. The proposed contract includes more about extras than about the service you are paying for. You’re the Customer, it should be more about you.
  4. The company is covered by someone elses license, or is not licensed. Check on a Company’s license status: Balkan Sewer And Water Main Resource Page.
  5. The individual claims to be business for years and years, but the Company name is only around a few months. Big red flag! Check on a business by visiting the Better Business Bureau on-line.
  6. Contractor proposes a repair, when you probably need a replacement. It is not to save you money. It is to hit you for extra work later on.
  7. A long term guarantee on the sewer or water main work (not a Warranty!!) is not in writing. This goes in the same category as “Trust me.” There is an old saying “If it is not in writing, it’s not.”
  8. Do a Google search on the company. If there are more negative reviews or bad news about the company than positive reviews, you probably have the wrong guy!

And always remember if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The sewer and water main industry is comprised mostly of hard working and honest people. But just like in many businesses, the ‘bad guys’ sometimes ruin it for the ‘good guys’. Shop carefully and you will end up with a high quality sewer or water main installation that will last for decades, not months.