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Teamwork in the workplace is a proven way to increase customer satisfaction and promote a more satisfied and competent workforce. However, teamwork in the workplace is often easier said than done. While many corporations are broken down into divisions or individual workgroups that operate in isolation, at Balkan Sewer And Water Main we have implemented teamwork in the workplace as a core philosophy. This teamwork in the workplace philosophy has been crafted from the ground up to ensure employees work together as one team and with mutual respect to achieve a common goal.

At Balkan Sewer And Water Main we have implemented teamwork in the workplace as a core philosophy

From AM kickoff meetings, to technical learning classes, and periodic updates on new rules and regulations, each employee knows they can always voice their opinion and effect change even if not in their core discipline. Teamwork in the workplace at Balkan Sewer And Water Main is not just a workday mantra, it is promoted outside the office as well.

teamwork in the workplace

Company Holiday Party

Teamwork in the workplace is also fostered at Balkan Sewer And Water Main by arranging for after hour team meetings, educational classes, and company-wide celebrations attended by the entire Balkan Sewer And Water Main workforce. In the case of celebrations, family members are invited to attend as well. Such was the case for the recent Balkan Sewer And Water Main holiday party and employee gathering. Our field forces, office staff, supervisors, and owners all gathered together with their families at this festive event. Collectively, we celebrated another year of proudly providing the best in sewer and water main repair and replacement services to the greatest city in the world. We believe that company that works together deserves to celebrate together.

birthday cake

Shared celebrations

The proof that Team Balkan Sewer And Water Main operates as a coherent and efficient team while valuing everyone’s contribution is exhibited in a variety of ways. For example, this year, a particular celebration coincided with birthdays of both Paul R. Balkan, an owner and Ernesto Huezo, a valued quality assurance technician. Fittingly, they both shared the same birthday cake. The companies owner sharing a birthday cake with an employee may seem like an innocuous detail, but it is indicative of our greater commitment to our company culture of teamwork in the workplace.

Teamwork in the workplace can be promoted in all sorts of other ways as well. At Team Balkan Sewer And Water Main, all front line field employees are always provided with top-of-the-line seasonal clothing and protective gear depending on the time of year. Winter items such as sweatshirts, hand warmers, and head protection are always available to our employees at no charge. We know that understanding and respect for each other and the hard work involved helps foster a successful conclusion to each of our client’s sewer and water main repair and replacement projects.

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Camaraderie breeds warm feelings amongst co-workers

Teamwork in the workplace, honesty to our customers, and integrity to ourselves are and continue to be the bedrock and foundation of Balkan Sewer And Water Main. All of our endeavors, be it a customer request to an employee need are approached with these three essential ingredients. Teamwork, honesty, and integrity were our founder Joseph L. Balkan’s principals over 60 years ago, and we continue to uphold this winning tradition.