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All too frequently utility work is done in the roadway or the sidewalk and it lays there for days, weeks, or months before it is fixed. Instead of “same day” paving, it is “some day” cement work paving. As New Yorkers we all know the story, and the last thing we want is work like that done in front of our own house or property. When sewer or water main work is needed how can you be assured that the right restoration will be performed? How can you know it will be done in a timely manner? The 1st thing to do is check that the company is licensed. The 2nd thing to do is to see if proper permits were secured.

Road paving

Balkan in-house paving crew

One sewer and water main company is committed to next day paving and cement work. Balkan has dedicated roadway paving and cement work restoration crews that do professional grade work the next workday. Day in and day out Balkan clients have disturbed areas restored the very next day. Balkan Sewer and Water Main Service customers get results, not promises. Unneeded aggravation, insurance exposure, and unfulfilled promises should not be part of a sewer or water main installation. That is why for over 60 years Balkan is the trusted name in the sewer and water main industry.