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Balkan Sewer & Water Main Service receives questions from our customers on a routine basis. If you had to give these questions a title, you’d call them “Sewage Facts or Myths”. So as the CEO of the company, I wanted to see if I could stump Christina, who is one of our team members. This is Part I of the Balkan challenge: Sewer Fact Or Fiction.

Dave Balkan: So, Christina, What do you think? Are you ready for this challenge?

Christina: Oh, no! We’re going to find out some surprises. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll surprise you.

Sewage Facts or Myth: Can Critters Crawl Up From Your House Drains?

Dave Balkan: We’re going to find that. So people ask, can rodents and other critters roll up through your drain pipes.

Christina: That is a fact.

Dave Balkan: That is a fact. A fact that can, particularly, if you don’t use your drains too frequently, rodents insects, it has been known that people look down into the toilet and something’s looking back at them. So you are correct.

Who Is Thomas Crapper? Did He Invent The Toilet?

Dave Balkan: Here’s another question we get asked from our customers on sewer myth or fact Christina. Okay, did Thomas Crapper invent the toilet?

Christina: Thomas Crapper? I don’t even know who that is!

Dave Balkan: You think Thomas Crapper really existed?

Christina: No, I don’t think he existed. And I think that’s a myth.

Dave Balkan: Well, BUZZ! I got you on that one. He did not invent the toilet, but he did exist. He actually, 60 years after the toilet was invented, modernized the flush toilet and is known for doing that.

Christina: And that’s why it’s called the crapper?

Dave Balkan: Well… I don’t think so, but maybe. You just stumped me! I stumped you – you stumped me! Got it correctly.


Sewage Facts or Myth: Is Putting Ice Cubes In Your Garbage Disposal Helpful?

Dave Balkan: Part three of sewage fact or myth with Christina. If you put ice cubes down your garbage disposal, do you think it sharpens the blades in your garbage disposal?

Christina: Ice in your garbage disposal…

Dave Balkan: Ice cubes.

Christina: I think that’s a myth, I think it would chip the blades.

Dave Balkan: Now, you were doing so good. You were like “right” until you said that. Now you were right, it will not show up the blades. But, do you think ices cubes have any benefit at all to a garbage disposal.

Christina: Yes.

Dave Balkan: Good. I had to look that up. I didn’t know that. What do you think you’ve done?

Christina: Ice cubes Remove any stuck on food.

Dave Balkan: Get outta here! Correct.

Christina: You see, I told you I’d surprise you!

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