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March 1, 2022

by David Balkan

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Here in New York City, your professional skills are a measure of your capabilities. In fact, teens and young people are encouraged to try out several different jobs to build professional experience and find their true calling. People are also switching careers to have an opportunity to add a whole new skill set to their personal roster. Learning job skills happens not just in the classroom, but on the job. Balkan is aware of that, it’s the reason why we dedicate ourselves to making Balkan a great place to learn. That’s just how we do things, it’s “The Balkan Way”.

Balkan Sewer and Water Main employs folks who perform a gamut of duties, while exhibiting a wide variety of professional skills. Every role we hire for is an opportunity to learn and grow both professionally and personally as well. All while building extremely useful professional skills. Right now, Balkan Sewer And Water Main is going through a phase of rapid growth as well as expansion. This is due to our role as the leader in NYC’s sewer and water main industry. As a result, we are currently hiring for not just one or two – but over a dozen different roles! What’s more, we’re building whole new teams to put out in the field, and support teams to back them up. Whether you want to be a logistics specialist, a business analyst, or a master plumber, your next career step could be here at Team Balkan.

Why choose Balkan for your new role? Balkan Sewer And Water Main is a great place to learn professional skills as well as advance your development.

Learning New Professional Skills with Balkan

Here at Balkan Sewer and Water Main, we know that every role is not just a job. It’s a learning experience, and a place where we all depend upon each other. Each person on our team is a person whose skills grow every day. Start as an intern, or in a junior position, and you can build your professional skills to foreman and supervisor in a relatively short period of time. Get hands-on experience no matter the role that best suits your current skill set. Start on the phone assisting customers, and perhaps become a dispatcher or a supervisor as you advance.

We also know that a role is a learning opportunity and that each person is on their own journey of professional development. It’s also this growth-based approach that makes Balkan a great place to learn your next job skill or advance the professional skills you already have. Our Team is eager to share their knowledge; as you grow, our Team grows

NYC Roles Available with Balkan Plumbing

  • Accounts Payable Specialist
    • Handle billing and accounts with clients
  • Business Analyst 
    • Use live and ongoing data to find areas for improvement
  • Controller 
    • Handle company finances including accounting, payroll, as well as vendors
  • Customer Service Specialist / Dispatcher 
    • Work on the phones to book customers and dispatch/assist teams on the road
  • Facilities Foreman 
    • Oversee on-site operations
  • Facilities Maintenance Laborer 
    • Provide skilled maintenance and repair services
  • Intern
    • Learn essential tasks and role duties while earning college credits
  • Junior Plumbing Estimator 
    • Practice estimating the cause and cost of plumbing issues under the supervision of a senior estimator
  • Plumbing Estimator
    • Estimate the cause and cost of plumbing issues for clients during consultations
  • Plumbing Foreman 
    • Oversee plumbing operations on customer properties. Manage on-site plumbers as well as check the work of junior plumbers.
  • Plumbing Laborer
    • Provide skilled plumbing and drain repair services
  • Plumbing Supervisor 
    • Oversee plumbing teams and projects as well as manage larger plumbing projects.
  • Project Closeout Coordinator 
    • Oversees all elements of project closeout – ensures final result quality and completion
  • Sewer & Drain Technician 
  • Corporate Recruiter
    • Find more new hires to fill our growing ranks.

Professional Skills You Can Learn by Joining the Balkan Team

  • Plumbing, Drain, and Sewer Repair Skills
    • Learn and certify in plumbing repair skills under plumbing experts with 70+ years serving NYC drains and sewers.
    • Plumbing Certification
    • Drain and Sewer Specialization
    • Estimation Skills
  • Customer Service
    • Gain hands-on experience working with customers in various states of emergency. Provide assistance, reassurance, as well as service booking. 
    • Booking and ongoing support
    • Phone and email
  • Logistics and Dispatching
    • Handle sending out teams, coordinating services, as well as taking care of teams when they are out on the road. 
    • Booking and managing service
    • Coordinating teams and live dispatch
    • Live customer management
  • Business Analysis
    • Put your data analysis training to use by watching live data from Balkan and seeing the results of your analysis in action. 
    • Live business analytics data and results
  • Business Financial Management
    • Learn essential skills in managing business finances as a controller or accounts payable specialist. 
    • Financial Controller
    • Accounts payable specialty and account management
  • Leadership Opportunities
    • Discover one of several leadership opportunities in the field or in the office HQ. 
    • Plumbing supervisor
    • Dispatch leadership
    • Facilities foreman

Why is Balkan a Land Of Opportunity?

Balkan has been serving NYC residents as well as businesses for over 70 years. In that time, the number of sewers, mains, and drains has only increased. Right now, we are going through a period of pretty incredible growth. We’re ready to mobilize even more field teams as well as serve an even larger percentage of NYC clients in need of good sewer, water main, and drain services.

But to do that, we need more professional people! In fact, Balkan needs to expand the team for nearly every role in the business model. We need plumbers and estimators in the field. We also need dispatch and customer service in the home office. Lastly, we need a financial team to keep revenue on track and business analysis to streamline our efforts.

In fact, we’re even hiring for a recruiter; someone to do even more hiring for us. So do we need your help, even if you’re coming to learn a new skill? Absolutely! In a labor market eager to try new things, Balkan is welcoming all interested parties who want to learn plumbing, mechanics, facilities maintenance,as well as customer service to apply. So why not learn something new, or expand your current knowledge base?

Learning Some New Professional Skills with the Balkan Plumbing Team

If you’re looking for a great learning environment, it doesn’t get much better than Balkan. Learn with hands-on experience, and the demands of a vibrant city in very real need of constant plumbing services. Whether you’re in the field or holding down HQ, Balkan Plumbing is a great place to learn new professional skills.

Don’t want your first job to be menial with little chance of advancement? Want your career to change directions? Need a second career after retirement? Want to ply your office skills in a new industry? Balkan is a great place to get started on the next chapter in your life – and come away with skills that will be useful and in demand for the rest of your life.

What skills do you want to learn? Now is the perfect opportunity to let your career take a positive and interesting new turn. If you’re looking for a new job to build your first professional skills as well as to try something completely new, Balkan is growing and hiring. Become one of our newest team members and start your learning journey. Contact us today to find out more or apply.

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David Balkan

David Balkan is the CEO of Balkan Sewer And Water Main, the largest and most trusted service in New York City. David is extremely active in various NYC plumber organizations being the Chairman of the Subsurface Committee in the Master Plumbers Council, and Vice President of the Subsurface Plumbers Association. In addition David’s expertise is respected by officials of New York City agencies such as the NYC DEP, NYC DOB, and the NYC DOT. He frequently provides valuable input on a variety of industry related matters.

Dave Balkan

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