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NYC Sewer

Sewer Repair

NYC sewer repair and water main repair work can now be attended to much sooner than ever before. The NYC DEP and NYC DOT recently implemented an electronic permit system for water main and sewer contractors. The new system cuts the time to secure a permit from what once was up to three days to frequently under three hours. The benefits of the electronic permit system are many-fold, but most importantly NYC property owners can now routinely receive service for sewer and water main issues within 24 hours from their initial call.

three day notice

NYC DEP Three Day Notice

In the past if the NYC DEP issued a ‘Three Day Notice’ for a water main repair or sewer repair violation the permit process itself could take three days – there was no way for a property owner or contractor to comply with the notice. All the while valuable water was lost due to a leak, roadways were being washed out, or raw sewage continued to leach underground or inside a property. Additionally valuable DEP and DOT manpower was wasted by trying to process water main or sewer repair permits instead of performing other valuable duties.


Electronic Permits

Another outcome is that errors on the permit forms are addressed more quickly via the electronic system. In the past Permit Expeditors for the sewer repair and water main repair contractor would trek back and forth from a water main and sewer contractors office to the various borough offices of the NYC DEP and NYC DOT over and over again. Not only was valuable time lost, but expense to the property owner was added to the water main repair or sewer repair job.

Sometimes ‘Big Government‘ gets it right

City Hall

NYC- City Hall

In this era we may frequently feel that ‘big government’ is completely out of touch with our problems and needs whether we are residents or business owners. However in the case of switching to an electronic permit system for NYC DEP and NYC DOT permits ‘big government’ got it right. Both NYC agencies implemented the changes in a professional manner having industry meetings, classes, and testing the system slowly before going fully ‘live’. Intelligence, professionalism, and consideration for private industry were all part of the process. Kudos to the NYC DEP and NYC DOT for a job well-done, the property owners of NYC and the sewer and water main repair industry appreciates it.