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When it comes to sewer lines, there are some very telltale signs that you are having sewer line backup problems and that you should consider making a call to an experienced professional. We here at Joseph L. Balkan, Inc. Sewer and Water Main Specialists have put together a list of common signs that you are having sewer line backup problems to help you stay informed about what is happening in your home. If you experience any of these plumbing situations, you should consider calling and have one of our expert sewer line backup technicians to get your sewer line issues inspected and remedied.

Sewer Line Backup Replacing Sewer Line

Oh, That Nasty Smell

If you are having sewer issues, sometimes the most telling sign is the smell. If the sewage begins backing up into your home, the smell will be strong, and it will be quite horrid. Even if you are just catching “whiffs” of it now and then, you need to contact a professional to come give your sewer lines a look. The last thing you want is to be driven out of your home if the line backs up completely and begins pushing raw sewage back through the drains of your home, causing the entire residence to smell.

The Sounds Of Sewer Problems

You may not think that sounds play a role in telling you that there are sewer line issues in your home, but that is not true. When you hear strange sounds while using water-related appliances such as your washing machine, toilet, tub, sinks that is your house letting you know that a problem could be starting. Take, for example, when you finish up with a load of laundry and then your toilet starts making the sound of a coffee maker percolating. That might be a sign that there is a clog in your lines that needs clearing before it becomes a sewer line backup.

Issues In Secondary Lines

If you had x-ray vision and could see through the walls of your home, you would see the drain pipes are all attached to one another. These secondary lines all lead to your main sewer line, and they are often the location for sewer line backups. If you have a waste blockage in your main sewer line, then all your fixtures are going to drain slowly. If it is a clog in a secondary line, the water will be slow to drain in just that part of the house while other areas will drain properly.

It Is Not Supposed To Do That

When you use a fixture or an appliance, and it reacts in a way that is different from what you expect, that is a major sign of an issue. Take, for example, that you flush the toilet, and the water will back up into your tub. That is a sure sign of a sewer clog. Alternatively, when you run the run the sink nearest the toilet for a couple of minutes and the toilet starts to bubble or the water level in the toilet rises, then you have a problem.

Wet Spots In Your Home

If you are finding wet spots in your home, even along walls that aren’t in the bathroom or kitchen, then this could be a sign of sewer line backup issues. Inspecting your system with our specialized equipment will allow us to determine if you have broken or corroded lines that are causing the issues. Sometimes our experienced technicians can even diagnose an issue based upon either previous experiences.

These are just a few typical examples of plumbing situations that could be signs of a possible sewer line backup problem. If you are experiencing any of these plumbing symptoms, you should contact Balkan Sewer And Water Main and have us take a look. We offer the Balkan Difference. Balkan Sewer And Water Main is available for all your sewer or water service repairs, replacement or installation needs.