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sewer and water main workerEmergency service on NYC DEP Violations and DEP notifications is available 24/7/365. If you require a rapid and experienced response to any City issued violation for your sewer or water main service, we are there for you. After-hours calls or weekend calls receive the same level of service at no additional charges. Site visits and estimates are given FREE of charge and at no obligation.

We are known for our competency and experience operating underneath the streets and sidewalks of the NYC metro area. Get the quality of service you need, the courtesy you expect and the price you desire. Balkan utilizes a uniform pricing policy and guarantees*, your assurance of the best possible price and quality.

NYC DEP Three Day Notice

A NYC DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) three day notice is generally a notice to repair a defective (leaking) water main service.  Depending on the severity of the leak, the department may act at their discretion to extend the period of the notice.  If an emergency condition is being created, the DEP will take swift and decisive action.

View an example DEP Three Day Notice

How accurate is the DEP when they issue a Three Day?

The trained field forces of the NYC DEP are extremely accurate when assessing the source of a water line leak. The last audit on record has the NYC DEP with an accuracy rate of 98%. It may not be 100%, but anyone with an accuracy rate of 98% is doing a great job. This alone is a compelling reason to quickly and completely resolve any DEP notices.

What do I do if a violation was given in error?

If you hired a sewer or water main contractor (at the request of the NYC DEP) and the leak or defect is not from your service line, then you must act promptly. Because you hired the plumbing contractor in response to the DEP Notice, you are obligated to pay the contractor for their expenses. This includes determining the source of the leak or underground issue. The proper course of action to take to rectify a erroneous DEP violation is as follows:

  1. Contact a representative from the NYC DEP to come to the site and confirm the notice was issued in error.
  2. Reach an agreement with the contractor for the expenses incurred to ameliorate the notice.
  3. File the proper claim forms with the NYC Comptrollers Office. As a couresy, these forms are also available on the Balkan Plumbing Resources Page under Additional Resources.
  4. Make sure the claim is resolved within an appropriate time. Even though the claims forms can now be filed online, you must still stay on top of your erroneous DEP violation claim.

NYC DEP Ten Day Notice

This notice is generally issued after a water main service has been shut off due to a failure to respond to a previous notice or emergency condition. A Ten day notice will result in a $1,000.00 charge appearing on a future water bill. This charge is for the work the DEP performed to excavate in the roadway and close the tap connection. The actual cost the department incurs when they perform a shutdown will include administrative costs, and is inevitably much greater than the $1,000.00 fee assessed to the property owner.

If the NYC DEP continues to receive no response from the property owner they can return to the site at a later date to permanently plug the water main service in question, but this very rarely happens. If a tap is permanently plugged a new wet connection will have to be ordered and installed to restore the water service.

Download an example DEP Ten Day Notice PDF

NYC DEP Cease and Desist Order

As they concern sub-surface plumbing, these notices generally involve defective house sewers that are creating roadway wash-outs, undermines, etc. Typically, the NYC DEP will perform a dye test, or a video camera is placed down a house sewer for a visual inspection and verify the cause of the problem. These situations can be of serious concern as roadway wash-outs can pose a danger to the general public.

If unattended to, the NYC DEP has in the past returned to the site and closed off the water supply to the offending property. That will prevent water from continuing to go down the house drain and worsening the condition. At that point the terms of a “Ten day notice” will apply in addition to having to correct the house sewer problem.

Download an example DEP Cease and Desist Order PDF

The Balkan difference

Our experience in dealing with any subsurface condition is unmatched in NYC. The Balkan team is there for you any time, any day, any Borough. Our dedication to customer service includes providing an educational and informative interaction with our clients. Experience our company-wide dedication to service. Excellence is not an accident. It is our mission to provide you with any information you may require regarding sewer repair or water line work. The more you know, the better we look.

Contact a NYC DEP notifications and violations specialist via our 24/7 online form or call us at (718) 849-0900.

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