Sewer Gate Valves from Balkan Are Unique

A sewer valve is unique and designed differently than any other type of water valve or gate valve. A valve used to prevent ‘backwater’ (waste water) from entering into a building from the public sewer system is exposed to corrosive water, waste, grit, and other solids. For that reason this type of valve does not use a typical ‘seated gate’ – a ‘knife edge gate’ is employed. A knife edged gate is specifically designed for controlling the flow of a wide variety of materials, such as found in pulp plant, paper plants, mining, and waste water treatment plants who’s flow contains solid materials. Unlike for instance a valve meant for drinking water.

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The unique features of a sewer ‘knife edge valve’

While a sewer check valve is more widely used than a knife edged type, this type has advantages. Unlike a check valve, which greatly reduces backwater but does not eliminate it, a knife edged valve completely 100% stops backwater from passing through it. When a property owner knows in advance when a public or city sewer system may surcharge the valve can be closed to completely prevent damage and contamination from waste water.

  • The design employs a non-clogging full port opening does not restrict the flow when the valve is open.
  • The stainless steel gate in the knife edge valve resists corrosion and is designed for positive and 100% closure when there is more than just liquid in the flow, such as present in a drain line.
  • The stem of the valve is never exposed to corrosive waste water to ensure that it is long-lasting and reliable.
  • The valve visually indicates when it is open or closed. This feature avoids unintentionally having the valve either open or closed without knowing it.

Why choose a licensed NYC plumbing firm?

Any handyman or unlicensed plumber can claim they can install a valve on a sewer line. Unfortunately the ramifications of unlicensed work goes well beyond the fact that it is not legal. Installing the incorrect valve on a house drain, or installing it in the wrong location, will have no positive affect or result. As a matter of fact installing a sewer backflow prevention device in the wrong location can hep to cause the plugs from a house trap to blow off. The result would be a flood of raw sewage into the building from the public sewer system. After sewage enters a building removing the threat of E Coli and mold will far exceed the cost of the correct backflow installation in the first place.

Balkan is expert in installing both sewer gate valves and sewer check valves. By carefully investigating different types of valves and their applications Balkan has the right product for whatever your situation calls for. By providing free site visits, and no-obligation written estimates, guesswork and vague answers are never a part of a Balkan customers experience. Balkan is professional at all times and devoted to superior customer service. If a backwater device is not the correct answer for your sewer situation an experienced representative will let you know that. Balkan will never process unnecessary or needless work orders.

Because the typical house drain in NYC is located under a finished basement floor some concrete area must be disturbed. It is usually recommended that while the area is open and exposed that the house trap is changed at the same time. A new trap ensures plumbing is water tight and with tight fitting covers. In many cases it is advisable to upgrade the sewer access pit from an unsafe and unsightly open concrete pit to a pre-fabricated access pit with a fitted and anti-slip cover. Adding these items to the scope of work adds very little to the cost and does not delay completion of the installation in any way. They offer an added degree of reliability and may prevent a trip and fall from an open or unsafe sewer access pit.

Once a property owner decides to address issues of sewer backwater it should be done correctly, permanently, legally, and address the issue once and for all.

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