Paul R. Balkan, Our President And A Licensed NYC Master Plumber

Paul R. Balkan is the President of Joseph L. Balkan. Paul is accredited as a Licensed Master Plumber 1281 by the NYC Department of Buildings. In addition Paul has a background in engineering, which certainly comes in handy. Couple that with over 40 years of hands-on experience in the NYC sewer and water industry. Those qualifications make Mr. Balkan uniquely qualified to oversee the largest sewer and water company in the City of New York. Paul’s word is his bond, and his integrity and honesty are beyond reproach. That is the foundation that Team Balkan is built upon.

Licensed PlumberA Dedication To His Chosen Trade

Paul started working with his father Joe part-time as a young teen, and then throughout college. That background enabled Paul to literally learn the business from the “underground” up. He has a vast knowledge of sewer repairs and main water line work. His experience also encompasses other aspects of being a NYC plumber. This dedication to the trade and knowledge has enabled Paul to grow this one-time small family sewer and water main business, into a firm that typically sends out over a dozen crews each day. Paul has a caring and respectful attitude towards clients and his staff alike. His dedication to detail includes providing precise and correct information. These traits have added immeasurably to Team Balkan’s reputation.

Along his road of experience Paul became a NYC Licensed Master Plumber in the early 1990’s. Being licensed, and of unquestioned integrity, makes Paul highly respected in his trade as a NYC plumber. Paul has been instrumental in rectifying many difficult and complicated situations over the years. This is thanks to Paul Balkan’s calm, knowledge, and being on-point. Those traits hold true no matter how stressful the situation. He is consistently thoughtful and intelligent thinking, particularly when situations call for it the most.

Message From The President of Joseph L. Balkan

My brother David and myself provide highly personal attention to all aspects of Balkan Sewer & Water Main Service. From choosing the highest quality materials for sewer and water main installations, to a strict adherence to code requirements. We routinely use materials that meet or exceed NYC Department of Environmental protection (NYC DEP), and Department of Buildings (DOB), code requirements. We take pride in personally training and overseeing both our office staff, and our the field personnel as well. This makes Balkan a great place to learn and grow as a professional.

My brother David and myself treat our clients as we would like to be treated when we are customers ourselves. That entails being respectful, and dealing with honesty, courtesy, and integrity. All while performing work at the fairest of prices. As a NYC Licensed Master Plumber my personal attention to the client relationship ensures a consistent level of quality and professionalism. Our uniform pricing policy assures you of the fairest of prices, no matter the urgency of the situation.

Our clear message is that we provide a consistency of NYC water main and sewer services. That is one of the many reasons our company has become the largest sewer and water service company in NYC. A position it has held for decades. We are also the oldest sewer company still operating under their original family name. Balkan performs between fifteen hundred to over two-thousand sewer line and water service installations each year city-wide.

Field Supervision

Personal attention for our valued Clients

Personal Attention & NYC Licensed Master Plumber Code

We use the principal of personal attention, and easy to follow processes, when it comes to our employees. At Balkan our employees are treated fairly and respectfully. Furthermore, they are provided with extensive in-house training and a full benefit package. That enables Balkan to maintain a motivated, reliable, experienced staff, and a drug and alcohol free workplace. Being part of the Balkan Team allows our employees to take pride in their work, and satisfaction in maintaining our company’s unparalleled reputation in the industry.

We are proud that our employees are receptive to the message of personal attention as well. This personal attention shows itself in the quality and professionalism of every sewer and water job. It extends and is apparent in all the work we do, which is in strict accordance to the Licensed Master Plumber code, and to the standards expected of a NYC plumber. Frequently the work we do and the materials we use exceed applicable NYC code requirements.

As a sign of our commitment to the NYC plumbing and subsurface industry our company maintains dual membership in two trade associations. Balkan is highly prominent in both the NYC Master Plumbers Council, and the NYC Subsurface Plumbers Association. That involvement includes attending regularly scheduled meetings with the NYC Department of Buildings, Department of Transportation, and Environmental Protection Agency.

We are your one-stop-shop for subsurface plumbing services throughout Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx. If you require a service that is not listed above contact Balkan Plumbing today for a free site visit or no-obligation price quote. Superior service is one call or click away.

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Balkan Plumbing is the largest sewer and water main company in NYC. For over 60 years, our family's 10 year guarantee* means we stand by our work long after the job is done. For sewer and water main issues throughout Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx contact Joseph L. Balkan, Inc. today for 24/7/365 service. Paul R. Balkan, NYC Licensed Master Plumber 01281

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