3 Main Water Line Repair Signs Every Homeowner Should Know

Your home’s main water line provides the water for your entire home. Everything that uses water, from your shower to your dishwasher is supplied with water by this main water line. This makes it imperative that proper maintenance and repairs are performed on this line when necessary to ensure that you are not suddenly left without water in your home. Here are a few of the signs that can indicate that you may be in need of main water line repair.

Main Water Line Repair Signs

Yard Water Puddles May Indicate Main Water Line Repair

One of the easiest signs for homeowners to recognize that can indicate that your main water line likely needs repairs is if you notice water pooling in your yard and/or muddy patches in your grass. Your home’s main water line runs from the street, under your yard, and into your home. If there is a leak in this line, the water will likely find its way up into your yard. If you notice large water puddles flooding your yard, call Balkan Plumbing for a water line inspection and main water line repair as soon as possible.

Low Water Pressure Indicate May Main Water Line Repair

Another prominent sign that can indicate that there may be something wrong with your main water line is a dramatic decrease in the water pressure in your home. This drop in water pressure will likely be significant enough to make showering and using your home’s sinks, nearly impossible. This drop in water pressure is likely a sign that there is a crack, leak, or blockage in your home’s main water line. Again, call Balkan Plumbing for emergency main water line repair.

Increased Water Bill May Indicate Main Water Line Repair

Unless your water usage changes, or your water rate goes up, you should not see any sudden and dramatic increase in your monthly water bill. A significant increase of this type is likely a good indicator that there may be a leak somewhere in your home which is causing the (apparent) increased water usage. The leak could potentially be in your main water line if your water meter is located outside the house. A plumbing professional like Balkan Plumbing can help you to determine where exactly in your home the leak is, and they can correct the issue.

Knowing the signs that can indicate an issue with your home’s main water line can help to ensure that you have any issues/leaks repaired before they become a greater problem for your household. Contact Balkan Plumbing to find out about more of the signs that can indicate a problem with your main water line, or for other expect advise.

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