The Signs And Causes Of Low Water Pressure In Your Home

Low water pressure can be caused by various issues. To increase water pressure may not require water line repairs or a water line replacement. Interestingly many people have low water pressure and don’t even realize it because they are so used to the condition.

low water pressure

One clogged fitting can ruin the pressure in your entire home

Some indications of low water pressure

Like many people, you make think your water pressure issues are normal. Over time, you may get accustomed tot eh inconvenience it causes you. Here are 3 telltale signs you have an issue that is very much not normal:

  1. When water temperature changes depending on usage in the property. An example would be if when someone flushes a toilet and the water gets hot in the shower.
  2. A pressure drop if two or more plumbing fixtures are used at the same time.
  3. Two people cannot use the showers in two bathrooms or more at the same time.

None of the above issues are ‘normal’ in a house with that does not have water pressure issues. People may become accustomed to living with such water pressure conditions. However they affect everyone’s quality of life, and increasing water pressure is not a difficult problem to solve. There some basic causes of low water pressure, to learn more read The 6 Primary Causes Of Low Water Pressure.

Increasing water pressure can be as easy as cleaning out the strainers of each sink and outlet. Making sure all water valves in your plumbing system are fully open is also a very good idea. Sometimes a water meter can become blocked, or there may be a piece of galvanized pipe in the house plumbing system.

Frequently a handy homeowner can check out simple problems. But many times a licensed plumber or water main contractor should be called to professionally check out the situation. Balkan provides free site visits and free no obligation written estimates. Frequently they can recommend an appropriate licensed master plumber if they cannot handle the particular issue. This link provides additional information about low water pressure.

In some cases a main water line upgrade may be needed

Frequently a building may have been altered over the years. These alterations can often include the plumbing system inside your home. Included in this list of potential changes are:

  • Additional plumbing fixtures.
  • Additional bathrooms.
  • Added living units.
  • Change in the use of the building.

All of these alterations to a building’s plumbing could mean water line repairs and a plumbing upgrade are needed. This would be to meet the buildings new demand for water, and to increase water pressure. This would likewise mean sizing out the water service for its present usage. Additionally, it would mean seeing if the present water line and ‘tap’ connection are sufficient.

underground worker

Water line installation in progress

As an example, a one family house could have been built with just one bathroom and one kitchen. It is not uncommon for one or two additional bathrooms to have been added. In some cases, an additional kitchen, and a lawn sprinkler system may have been added as well. These additions can drastically change the water pressure in a house. On the bright side, a lawn sprinkler system can be adjusted to run when you are asleep. But the other additional fixtures were probably never meant to be serviced by the original water main.

The end result can be that the original water main may not supply proper water pressure. Very important to keep in mind is that a larger water main does not mean a larger water bill. A larger water main has no bearing on the amount of water you use and your water bill is based solely on usage.

A mechanical pump vs. upgrading your plumbing

A mechanical device such as a pump is always a last resort solution to low water pressure. Mechanical devices require maintenance, electricity, and eventually wear out. A ‘one time’ and final solution for water pressure may be to perform water line repairs and upgrade the water service and ‘tap’ connection to meet the current demand for water usage after other options have been explored. In the outer boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx a typical water main service upgrade to address a low water pressure issue may cost less than you might imagine. It can also provide a permanent solution, and make your house a more enjoyable place to live in.

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