Guess What This Is A Picture Of? A Telephone Pole Through A House Sewer

Sewer Repair

This Is What A House Sewer With A Telephone Pole Going Through It Looks Like.

Sewer repair on a sewer line needed before New Years Eve. When a utility contractor is hired to install new utility poles it is very difficult to determine where underground utilities are located. Even if utility companies are notified, as is the law, a house sewer frequently does not run straight and can be found in unexpected locations. In this particular case the house sewer location was directly underneath where the new utility pole was installed. A sewer repair was needed, and a complete sewer line was likely required to redirect the house sewer in question. Joseph L. Balkan Inc. was called to the scene to perform the sewer repair as soon as possible.

Sewer line replacement

What Is This A Picture Of ? Not A Happy Homeowner That’s For Sure

Pictured is the old utility pole and the new utility pole, with the sewer line excavations on both sides of the poles. Since this house sewer problem happened just before the New Years weekend and just after a snow storm that dropped 15″ of snow across NYC, the outlook for a timely resolution seemed a little bleak for this homeowner. It is times like this when choosing the right sewer contractor is vitally important.

Because Balkan Sewer and Water Main Servicesewer line replacement works in virtually all types of weather, even after a record snow storm, this homeowner had a relatively happy end to their sewer line problem. House sewer work was started and completed in two workdays, including backfill and compaction of all excavations. NYC DEP inspections were performed, and Balkan helped accurately document the sewer line situation in order to resolve the issue amicably between the utility contractor and the homeowner. Just because a stressful situation arises does not mean that screaming and yelling has to be the result. In this case all the screaming and yelling was saved for New Years Eve.

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